Glass Mountain (detail 1), 2017; iron gall ink, found objects, and rice paper on canvas, 144 x 180 x 144 inches.

Faith Sponsler

Graduate Fellowships, 2017 - 2018
University of California, Davis

Artist Statement

I often wander the line between personal memory and the physical memory of objects and the spaces I temporarily inhabit, both natural and manmade. Collecting and processing materials from these environments, I explore the recording of transformation and the visual palimpsests created by them. The volatile combination of the media I use yields chance imagery and an overlay of marks, retaining the memory of object and place that are overwritten with time. Actions and relationships are visible and remembered, while operating within a world of decay, regeneration, magic, science, and deception.

While at Headlands

At Headlands I will continue to work in painting, sculpture, and installation, but will remain open to other modes of working. An essential part of my studio practice is to let the environment around me influence the work I make. Having been in the same area and studio for the past two years, I look forward to the opportunity to inhabit the completely new and different context of Headlands. Not only the landscape but the site’s rich history will undoubtedly impact the work that I make while here.