An image of suspended sculptures.

Ewa Wesolowska

Artist in Residence, 2016

Artist Statement

I work with interactive light sound installations. I place it in between science, technology, and visual art based on a traditional sculpture background. My practice investigates traces of presence and a reference to memory and perception with a desire to preserve the moment. My work strives to keep the trace of a human touch as well as display the inability to do so; instead the desire to maintain the trace and history of an object reveals the opposite. It evokes an absent human, and shows that we cannot keep anything. The more we try to hold onto one’s “trace,” the more we pinpoint the lack of one. Therefore my work is more about trying. It is an act of meditation of our fragile and temporal nature with the essential value being the permanent trace left by the human hand through creative action.

While At Headlands

I aim to deepen my research of time and memory through increased scientific understanding of perception, data analysis, and interactive relevance. My project alludes to different types of memory, light, its perception, and the beginning of matter. Using resources at astronomical observatories that I hope to visit while in California, I will collect images and information about the Planck Time and the Planck Epoch to develop an installation made of light and sound.

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~ from Ewa Wesolowska on Vimeo.

O=O from Ewa Wesolowska on Vimeo.

Music Box from Ewa Wesolowska on Vimeo.

Colombier from Ewa Wesolowska on Vimeo.