A image of various illustrations laid out beside one another.

Erin Diebboll

Artist in Residence, 2015

Artist Statement

I reconstruct spaces that no longer exist as we knew them. Houses sold and re-occupied. Apartments emptied and re-furnished. Buildings razed and re-erected. Land divided and sub-divided. The original places continue to occupy real estate in our minds. To explore these mental structures I create large-scale drawings, mapping domestic spaces from memory. My goal is to reassemble this “idea of home” in a way that rings true.

While At Headlands

Scientists have found that each time we recall a memory our brain reconstructs it anew, both reinterpreting and replacing our original experience.  While at Headlands, I plan to investigate this claim by drawing a house I have never seen based on the description of three former inhabitants. How will the memories of these brothers, who are products of the same space and time, equate and differ?