A close image of a white and grey installation.

Erin Besler & Ian Besler, The Entire Situation, interior installation view; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, 2014; photo by Joshua White

Erin Besler & Ian Besler

Artist in Residence, 2023
Artist in Residence, 2020

Two people in an artist studio.

Artist Statement

We are young practitioners particularly focused on how emerging technology impacts the production, consumption, and circulation of architectural imagery and knowledge. We examine the often divided realms of architectural discipline and building practice, bringing them into contact around problems that force a collision between the two. Our focus is on refitting things that have been relegated to practice— such as everyday aspects of construction and Building Information Modeling—into a conceptual and disciplinary framework.

While at Headlands

We’re interested in the design of vernacular buildings in the greater Bay Area, and how building codes and design guidelines might be mobilized to produce creative tools and accessible softwares to engage non-designers and non-architects. We’ll be working on a suite of small buildings, domestic objects, and interactive user-friendly design apps.