Headlands Center for the Arts

Erica Deeman

California/United Kingdom | visual
Artist in Residence Program 2019


Artist Statement

I am from Nottingham, United Kingdom, and within my practice I focus on themes of identity, gender, and race through portraiture and the medium of photography. So far my core interest has been engaged in counteracting historical portrayals and expectations of people from the African diaspora as a group and as individuals. I’m interested in how rearticulating western historical representations can change perceptions and cement self-worth and a sense of being contemporaneously.

In moving to the United States, art has provided me with a channel to respond to the shifts I have felt in my own being. The permination of American culture and way of life has opened a portal in my consciousness that manifests in my desire to elevate the people within the images I make.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands I will look to continue work on a new project delving into the multiplicity of identity and the individual, a project that will include an audio element and an immersive installation. I will dedicate time to discerning how this will present in exhibition form.

Pulling from the uniqueness of the space and environment at Headlands, I also will begin a new portraiture project that turns the lens onto myself. The notions of portraiture, place, and identity sit at the crux of my practice, and I am keen to explore my own wider connection to place. The African diaspora and movement are inextricably linked. I hope to begin a project that reflects my own journey and identity within the greater context of forced and planned migrations, both mental and physical.

Selected Works

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