A group of people outside with film equipment.

Deborah Stratman

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2017

A person wearing a large blue apparatus on their head.

Artist Statement

I am a Chicago-based artist working with film, video, sculpture, photography, audio, drawing, and small press. I am less interested in making objects than influencing and documenting places and situations. I’d like my work less to mean than do, and to work with subject matter that resists me. A lot of my work deals with relationships between physical environments and human struggles for power and control that play out in landscapes. In the end, I make because I don’t know.

While at Headlands

I’ll be working on a number of projects at various stages, including editing some short films: one shot in the Yukon, one in Jordan and Brazil, and one utilizing archival footage from the Cinescatti Archive in Italy. In addition, I’ll be writing and researching towards a film that will be shot in Ethiopia about radical geologies and public voice; developing a video diptych about data server farms and insurance industry disaster research facilities; and generating a sound commission for the experimental radio broadcast platform Radius and the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.

Selected Works

The Illinois Parables (excerpt), 2016; 60 min. 16 mm.

Hacked Circuit (excerpt), 2014; 15 min. HD video.

…These Blazeing Starrs! (excerpt), 2011; 14 min. 16mm.

O’er the Land (excerpt), 2009; 52 min. 16mm.

The BLVD, (excerpt), 1999; 64 min. SD video.

View These Walls Tell Tales, pt. 3

These Walls Tell Tales, pt. 3