Daniela Rivera

Massachusetts; Chile
Chiaro Award, 2023

Portrait of Daniela Rivera

Artist Statement

I am a cultural producer working as a visual artist. As such, I consider it my responsibility to always challenge the construction of stereotypes or categories that discriminate, isolate, and violently define other’s identities. I work with ideas of displacement, memory, and cultural migration to celebrate difference and reject categorization. I build, paint, and draw spaces in which to be vulnerable together and in which  I hope to celebrate difference and cultural exchange through shared authorship.   

In my work, I address episodes in political history, the history of art, and personal history to generate open-ended conversations between viewer, artist, and subject. It is, finally, the relationship between these three players that brings the work to completion.  

I believe my work tangoes with—among other things—the Baroque painting drive, the presentational strategies and formal undertones of Minimalist art, and some of the conceptual elements of Arte Povera—a fundamental contradiction but a world of possibilities for staging. 


While at Headlands

While at Headlands I will be working on a large fresco project for my upcoming 2025 solo show at Mass MoCA, and also taking time to experiment, fail, and discover new paths to building narratives through meaningful materials and painting processes.