An artwork overlapping photographs and colors.

Ciara Phillips

Artist in Residence, 2016

Artist Statement

My current work revolves largely around the medium of print. I draw upon its history as a source, and employ its processes as a means of thinking through ideas. I am interested in the position that print occupies in the fields of fine art, design, education, and in conveying information and propaganda, and my work capitalizes on its ability to “speak” to this variety of contexts. This I do alone and also through collaborative work. My ongoing project Workshop (2010 – ), a temporary screenprinting studio set up in the context of an exhibition, makes use of the duration of an exhibition, and support and infrastructure of an institution, to bring other artists, designers, and community groups together to share ideas through the process of making things together.

While At Headlands

I would like to use the time at Headlands to be as open to new possibilities as possible. I think best when I’m in the studio trying things out, and so my time at Headlands will be spent doing just that—experimenting with new materials and processes and seeing what comes of having the space and support to do that.