A large stepped installation in a gallery.

Chris Johanson

Artist in Residence, 2015

A portrait of a person.

Artist Statement

I consider my art practice “life arts”. Incorporating many mediums, whether painting or performance, I consider it all to be the same thing – art as therapy working toward creating mental homeostasis. Life is the art piece. Making existence more pleasant than unpleasant. I aspire through my admittedly self involved practice to effect people in a positive way.

While At Headlands

My partner Johanna Jackson and I are working together on a collaborative body of work that examines the objects that create domestic space. While at the Headlands we will focus on creating a piece of inside sky and a piece of inside ground, with furniture, ceramics, and paintings in the middle. We imagine quilting-collaging blue fabrics together for a ceiling and hooking yarn into a rug for the floor. The ceiling piece will be attached high, then drift down to a table where it is being worked. The earth will flow upward to the work surface. We would ask visitors to stop in and work with us, hooking and sewing for as long as they want. These studies will help us prepare for a larger collaborative exhibition that we will have at Fleisher Ollman gallery in Philadelphia in the fall.