A room lit by various colored lights.

Chris Fraser

Artist in Residence, 2018
Graduate Fellowships, 2010 - 2011

A portrait of a person.

Artist Statement

I construct environments modeled on historical image-making technologies, from the camera obscura to the magic lantern. Through these simple apparatuses, I put objects and their images in dialogue with each other, sacrificing broad distribution for an experience of image that is local and ephemeral. I amplify overlooked qualities of the ambient environment, creating spaces for deliberate looking and prolonged engagement. These works slow the pace of time, gather and connect people, and inspire an embodied experience of place.

While At Headlands

am coming to the Headlands in search of quiet and slowness. My work requires both active experimentation and ample time to reflect. To date, my most fruitful stages of growth and discovery have coincided with periods of withdrawal—from studio production, day-to-day demands, and correspondence. I thrive when I can dedicate hours to the joy of reading and staring.

I’ve begun experimenting with various methods for marking the passage of time through solar projection, of sound through water, of objects through clay. I plan to refine these ways of working during my stay.