An image of an artwork.

Chris Duncan

Artist in Residence, 2016

Two people in a mirrored room reflecting their image.

In Project Space: September 12–November 18

While at Headlands

For the Project Space residency I will use the sun, time, architecture, and the landscape to engage with the history of the region. I plan on utilizing a variety of techniques such as rubbings, field recordings/sound experiments, and long term sun exposure “paintings”, which will result in a collection of visual and sonic stories inspired by the rich history of the Headlands. For the “sun exposures,” manufactured colored fabric is placed in windows or wrapped around objects and, without the use of dye, emulsion, or any purposefully manipulated chemical process, imagery emerges through time (6 months) and ultraviolet exposure. At once a homage to the power of the sun, the works also provide a haunting intimacy and new perspective of the objects and spaces used in the process. In keeping with my practice, I will also organize a series of performances/screenings from local and visiting artists.

Select Audio Works: