A person using a grinder and causing sparks.

Chen Xiaoyun

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2016

A portrait of a person against a light background.

Artist Statement

I have a wide creative field and I’ve tried almost every medium and form of art. I’m reluctant to focus on one theme or one form for a long time. There are so many curious things. I don’t even have strong relationships with my works, nor do I believe in the loyal relationship between the artist and his works. Although I work and live in a place where the social reality is very crazy and overflowing, I don’t like to emphasize my distinctiveness by taking the social background as the material of my work. I don’t even care about the forms of my works. All I can do is be a little bit special “loser.” And I think it may be the reason why art is so touching.

While At Headlands

I’ve never taken part in Artist in Residency programs before. I’m filled with enthusiasm and anticipation about the creation and life in the residency, and I’m also eager to communicate with other artists in a new environment. About the creation in the residency, I have some ideas about photography and videos, and maybe some small paintings on paper. I’ll bring my own tools with me. And I’ll do some research about the residency and areas nearby so that I can do some preparation for the upcoming creation and life. Furthermore, for better communication, I would absolutely do my best to improve my English. I will have some exhibitions in China before September this year, and my creative proposal will be the continuation of these exhibitions. I do have some plans of the new works, however, I hope I can get inspirations from the new environment and do some changes after arriving in California.