Charles Woodman

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2015

Artist Statement

I am an artist who works in video and expanded media, often in ways that integrate video and live performance. The two driving impulses in my work might be described as observation/attention and lyricism. I’m deeply interested in certain aspects of painting and have described some my videos as being something I hope the audience will view in a manner analogous to how we look at a panting rather than the way we typically watch a video. Lately I’ve been designing work specifically for use in health care environments and have been giving considerable thought to the possibilities and specific considerations of making work for that audience.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I will be engaged in a number of different projects. Im working on two collaborations with chorographers, one with Deborah Slater in San Francisco and another with Viktor Plotnikov for the Cincinnati Ballet. I’ll also be working on a separate project with Boston based composer Christopher Bailey. I’m hoping to stage a performance by my live cinema ensemble viDEO sAVant on while I am at Headlands. I know some great bay area musicians who I hope will be able to join me for that, including Lief Fairfield.  While these are a lot of existing projects that I will be engaged with during the residency, I’m also looking forward to using the time to step away from my usual practice and to consider new directions and possibilities.

Selected Video

viDEO sAVant 2014 sample from Charles Woodman on Vimeo.

TABLE OF ELEMENTS full program on one screen from Charles Woodman on Vimeo.