A tree with images project onto the branches.

Blossom Oak, 2018; projection onto landscape, Roxanne Steinberg & Oguri, dance; video still

Carole Kim

Artist in Residence, 2019

A close-up of a person's eyes peering over a table.

Artist Statement

I am a media artist and a very hands-on maker. I have experimented extensively with imaging software, graphic programming environments, hardware, and hand-constructed projection scrims. I am particularly interested in how the messy, organic, unpredictable, physical world meets up with the expansive possibilities of digital technologies. With a focus on video projection environments for installation, live performance, and photography, I have been intent on pulling the moving image off a fixed timeline, off the cinematic big screen or computer screen, and having it take on spatial and dimensional form.

I experiment with a vast array of materials with different optical characteristics of translucency, luminosity, reflection, shadow-throwing texture, and bleed. The surfaces are articulated with hand sewing, painting, and collage, resulting in layered, sculptural, floating drawings. The more recent work has turned directly to landscape as projection environment, whether it be the rockscapes of Joshua Tree, the Norwegian forest or Descanso Gardens where I am currently a yearlong artist-in-residence.

While at Headlands

have a momentary release from the daily juggle of infinite compartmental obligations
focus a wide swath of energy through a condensed sense of purpose
be inspired and energized by the proximity to the ocean and the surrounding natural environment
have the expansive space to think and make something on a large scale
engage with the native landscape with projection drawings
meet others and come to understand their process and pursuits
let my finger tips fly and point the way
reconnect with ideas long in-waiting
digest the accumulative
inspect the investigative
accept the curve balls
revel in the isolation
gain insight