Abstract image of squares and blocks of various colors (yellow, green, blue, pink) with blurry edges

Camille Jen-Mei Gwise

Graphic Design
Design Fellowship, 2023

A collaged image with various fragments of self portraits of Camille Gwise

Artist Statement
I am a graphic designer with roots in the East Bay, currently based in San Francisco. Heavily influenced by my dad’s architectural work and my mom’s fine art practice, I often find myself creating in the blurry space between art and design. My parents’ commitment to traditional mediums fostered my appreciation for things that are made by hand, leading me to explore mixing analog and digital techniques in my work. My process begins from a place of curiosity and playful experimentation, and settles into a home of intention and belonging. I view design as a means of exploring my identity to gain a better understanding of myself while also being an important tool for connecting with others and building community. Above all, I approach everything I make with tenderness and care, and expect that as I change and grow, my work will evolve with me.

While at Headlands
I am so grateful for the opportunity to engage with the Headlands community. During my time as Design Fellow, I aspire to make work that amplifies and celebrates the work of the artist residents, while pushing my own practice. I believe drawing inspiration from creative disciplines outside of graphic design will lead to unexpected and delightful revelations. I will approach this year with a sense of play and lean into exploring mediums both familiar and unfamiliar.