A group of people wearing black face coverings

Zapatista Comparte Festival, 2013. Photo: Caleb (Kaleb) Duarte.

Caleb (Kaleb) Duarte

Social Practice
Chamberlain Award, 2023

Portrait of Caleb Duarte

Artist Statement

My current body of work temporarily places the figure within sculptural installations of construction-type frameworks such as beds of dirt, objects suggesting basic shelter, and towers created out of drywall, found objects, wood, and cement. Shifting between the traditions of painting, sculpture, and performance, the work focuses on the ritualistic aspects of theater along with public and architectural intervention, art education, and community collaboration in shared authorship. Through the act of “making” we collectively navigate towards a visual language that makes sense to us all. It is bold, unapologetic, and site-specific, inviting magic into logical moments of uncertainty. If indeed art is to inspire change, it is precisely when it demonstrates the ability for humans to feel by enacting a dignified rage and a level of empathy not visible until the arts participate. 


While at Headlands

During my residency at Headlands I will be revisiting video performances, oral histories, and video documentation captured within the past ten years, particularly work with Arte Urgente through the EDELO residency as well as the Walking the Beast project and Embassy of the Refugee. This re-visiting may potentially lead to the recreation of sculptural performances around the Bay Area calling for new community collaborations, specifically with indigenous youth who are unaccompanied new arrivals now residing in the Bay Area.