An art installation with material in the shape of humans.

Bailey Anderson

Graduate Fellowships, 2019 - 2020
UC Davis

A portrait of a person in front of a decorative fountain.

Artist Statement

My recent installations have reflected my relationship to loss, identity, and memory as well as my explorations into the histories of human beings and the grotesque. These relationships are communicated by the use of materials such as cement, hydrocal, fabric, and pigment to create bodily, layered blankets of decay. Blankets of seemingly bodily notions are cured over objects, giving form to the negative space underneath. The objects used act as a surrogate for the body and in turn the work becomes flexible and organic. I have always been intrigued by the idea of bodies engaging in behavior that is awkward and found that fleshy, vulnerable, and visceral forms and color give the awkward forms structure and fluidity. The color not just an attribute, it is part of the forms, integrated into them, like the skin on our very own bodies. As I move forward with my work it will continue to encapsulate my own experiences with history, death, identity, and mortality.

While at Headlands

In the past my work investigated balance, frailty, and tension. My current work pushes these themes further to ask about memories left behind and the experiences that are attached to them. It has been a natural evolution in material, and in coming to terms with my own grief, history and identity. I am planning on spending my time at the Headlands expanding on these narratives and look forward to working within the histories of the Bay Area and the people who live here.