Ayana Evans

New York
Chamberlain Award, 2022

Ayana Headshot

Artist Statement

My Operation Catsuit persona is me being 100% me. My hope is that this encourages others to be 100 % themselves. Both within and outside of the Operation Catsuit series I often perform solo durational actions like jumping jacks and high kicks in heels for two to three hours at a gallery with a full face of makeup, or push-ups in heels in an intersection. These performance actions are designed to highlight the repercussions of racism and misogyny, as well as the power of a woman taking up space in ways that are traditionally reserved for cis straight men. In addition to my performances, I am now also focusing on community events, portrait photography, and building-sized projections to discuss racism and economic inequalities. My most recent projection series touches on mass incarceration and loss of love.