A person in pool with a white material in their mouth.

Autumn Knight, "An experimental freezing of a room through metaphorical means" 2017; performance, sound, and sculpture installations

Autumn Knight

Artist in Residence, 2019

A portrait of a person against a shadowed background.

While at Headlands

My interdisciplinary practice includes, but is not limited to, performance, installation, text, and experimental social gestures. These moments, captured in live space and in video form, contemplate the burden of documenting race/gender, global racism in psychodynamic theory, piecemeal realities, and the use of humor as a transitory intervention. I intend to use the Headlands residency and studio space toward  writing, researching, and experimenting to further develop works in progress and to complete text and video projects along with the production of live performance work.

Artist Statement

In my work I am interested in the ways I can make clear the intersections of psychology, race, and gender within an interdisciplinary context. I’m particularly interested in marginality, humor, compassion, coexisting realities, sickness, spectacle, psychotherapy, place, art access, black interiority, and recontextualization as practice. The tactics: discomfort, performance, text, video, installation, identity construction, and the production of personal/political action.