A scene of an art installation as a crime scene.

Murder in Asli Cavusosglu, "Three Acts," 2012; performance for video with photographic documentation, HD film in three episodes: 8:15 min; 7:47 min; and 6:30 min. Each; photo: Taylan Mutaf

Asli Çavusoglu

Artist in Residence, 2019

A person standing behind an art installation spread out on the ground.


Artist Statement

I examine the way in which cultural and historical facts are transformed, represented, and interpreted by individuals. Working across various media, I often assume the role of an interpreter, writer, or facilitator in my projects in order to highlight the precarious and subjective nature of our shared histories, questioning those who frame these experiences.

While at Headlands

For some years, I’ve been concerned how I can create more internationally relevant work, growing out of my region’s borders. I also started to question how to challenge boundaries of art production by opening up toward more diverse media and collaborations. I would like to seek more hybrid alliances, such as within the fields of software development and television, not necessarily to be displayed and interpreted within the art sphere. I feel that Headlands will be a good base for initiating hybrid co-existences and new professionalisms.