Anne Germanacos

Artist in Residence, 2015

Artist Statement

“In the Time of the Girls offers both the great seductions of the short story and—at the same time, with a mischievous facility—an exhilarating study of the act of fiction-making.” —Hilary Plum, The Kenyon Review

Of Tribute, a novel in single-sentence paragraphs, Lia Purpura wrote: “What can language do to resolve grief, to forge or release intimacy? In Tribute, Anne Germanacos responds to these mysteries by scouring and saving lit moments, phrases, and scraps….Tribute is a passionate erasure back to bone.” I catch moments like fish and attempt to do the impossible: keep them alive. My work has been called poetry, prose, fiction, essay and everything in between. I prefer to side-step the genre conversation and focus on my intent: to offer a different pace, an altered sense of time, at the very least a series of moments that hold their own.

While At Headlands

While at the Headlands, I hope to create a work embodying aspects of the process that occurs when one person makes a request to which another responds.

What is the relationship that ensues? What does the equation, if we can call it that, look like? How is each offered a gift? What is taken from each? How might it be translated into another form?

I will create a work that captures something of the relationship’s complexities and its fruits.

In addition, I plan to create a series of essays on a number of subjects (languages and language study, philanthropy/altruism, empathy, psychoanalysis, Torah, Israel/Palestine, home and homelessness). Each essay will be comprised of self-contained parts which can be removed from the original flow and placed in a new configuration.

A flipbook of lyrical, not-quite-random parts. I’m confident that an agile mind will make the requisite connections.

Selected Texts

Undertaking (part of Tribute) from The Kenyon Review, Fall 2012:

Smoked Carp from AGNI 77, 2013:

Just me singing (part of Tribute) in Best of Spittoon, 2012: