A pair of hands arranging objects on purple velvet

Angelo Madsen Minax, "Jim’s Collar (Jim Doesn’t Believe in Magick Anymore)," 2023; inkjet print.

Angelo Madsen Minax

Vermont; New York
Film/Video/New Media
McEvoy Family Award, 2023

Portrait of Angelo Madsen Minax

Artist Statement

I make films, videos, installations, music, visual art, and writing about my personal experiences, collective histories, and relational intimacies. My lifelong participation in DIY, punk, and activist communities, my relationships to my chosen and biological families, my experiences as a musician and sex worker, interests in phenomenology, the politics of desire and critical thought, my rural, queer, and trans identities, and my approaches to navigating the hardest parts of our shared humanity—those of grief, spirit, love, and death—shape my projects.


While at Headlands

During my time at Headlands I plan to deepen my research on my new feature film about the life and work of Fakir Musafar, A BODY TO LIVE IN. I’ll be continuing conversations and conducting interviews with his contemporaries throughout the Bay Area and doing archival research at the Berkeley Bancroft Library and his home in Menlo Park, CA. I also hope to begin a preliminary assembly of footage.


Selected Work


Angelo Madsen Minax, teaser for “A Body To Live In”; feature film currently in production.


Angelo Madsen Minax, trailer for “North By Current,” 2021; feature film.