Andy Guthrie

Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

As a musician and sound artist, the focal point of my work is field recordings, processed and augmented with other audio material to evoke a sense of place that is slightly shifted out of focus. I am interested in finding ways to draw attention to sonic minutiae (both natural and manufactured) and abstract them through slight distortions, in a way that is not a simulacrum replacing the real thing, but as an accompaniment or shadow. In the creation of a given work, I may compose for other performers, improvise with French horn and voice, explore unusual sonic objects, and play with spatial aspects of soundscape and architectural acoustics.

While at Headlands

I’m excited to delve into the soundscape of the Headlands, learning its variations with time and weather, through spatial recording and live improvisation. In addition, I will explore the rich array of visual patterns present in natural materials found around the area, especially the various lichens and other flora. Lichen in particular has always had a special appeal to me ever since an elementary school science project: as a bio-indicator, it presents us with a visual reminder of the disintegrating climate and the effects of our presence and actions. My goal is to find a way to capture this sonically, with a combination of recordings, compositional interpretations, and sculptural/interactive elements.

Work Samples

“Brass Orchids” – album on Students of Decay, 2018.

“Gyropedie” – album on Students of Decay, 2021

“Blemished” – album on Modern Concern, 2023.

Interview and live performance from Focus series at INAgrm, March 2023. Interview by Alexandre Bazin.

Live streaming performance from Non-Event at Home series, April 2021.