The spacewalk from WOMEN OF 4G. (photo credit: Heidi Marie Photography)

Amy Tofte

Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

I always think of myself as an investigator with my scripts. For me, dramatic writing is usually a mashup of journalism and poetry. You must explore all sides of the story with objectivity while also giving each character unique expression. You must connect to audiences through raw emotion, but you need some Truth at the heart of the story. All that said, I’m most drawn to our flaws and absurdities as humans. I think that’s why a lot of my work comes through as a bit dark, funny in a way that can feel wrong, impossible and imaginative. It’s my hope to do all these things and create work for the stage that can stand the test of time but also feel relevant and contemporary. It’s a tall order. I have a lot of work to do.

While at Headlands

I’m always working on several projects at once, and I suspect I’ll be doing the same juggling act at Headlands. However, my primary goal is to complete a final pass on my new play RAIN DOG WAR which I’ve been developing with Circle X Theater (Los Angeles) as part of their 2023/24 Emerging Playwrights Group Cohort. We have final public readings scheduled for June and the time and space at Headlands will be perfect for me to explore deep work on this script. RAIN DOG WAR is about a group of teenagers who take the Griffith Park Observatory hostage and threaten to throw themselves to their death until the adults meet their demands about climate change. I’m also inspired by locations, and I’m curious what stories I’ll feel compelled to write after spending time at Headlands and wandering the grounds. Hopefully a ghost story

Links to Published Plays