Alfonso Borragán

Artist in Residence, 2015

Artist Statement

I devise situations and artefacts that are born to be consumed becoming experiences that seek to change in some way the perception of reality, interfere in it or simply imagine it. My practice only exists on a symbiotic level, intrinsically connected to man, an organic work that only comes to life through him and disappears with him. My work is consumed with the experience, which at times dilates the work and expands it through oral transmission, the source of human growth, the communication of stories and memory. I experiment with matrices of freedom that spark the magic, the illusionism of the hidden, playing or alchemy, as he locates and constantly reseeks the place where events take place: in the rituals of eating, the paganism of a feast, the calm of the Alp, the movement of a river, among tree-tops.

While at Headlands

I would like to develop a specific project during my time in Headlands.

Æther is the seed of a project based on the idea to create a temporary community through air.

It is a project that activates and analyses the “immunity” of a community through the fact of breathing, manifesting and enhancing the contamination that continually occurs between bodies: “I breathe in what you breathe out”.

Æther consists of various works under the same name developing the ideas of community and “infection” between its subjects. It explores the creation of temporary communities through celebration and ingestion. On ingestion, the work engraves itself in the bodies, and in turn the bodies infect each other. Finally, after the experience created by the activation of the different works, the piece, in telescopic conformation, takes the form of a new work and drives its dissemination into multiple recipients.

Selected Video

Pesa from alfonso borragán on Vimeo.