A group of geese around a person in a silver space suit.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Artist in Residence, 2019

A person working with a plastic device.

Artist Statement

My work explores the zone between fact and fiction—an artistic research into the quest for a degree of reality within constructions. In 2003 I founded the FFUR/Research Raft for Subterranean Reefology, a constantly transforming meta-installation in the scope of an “Institute for Art and Subjective Science.” The projects are based on my observations and collaborations in the fields of natural sciences and arts. To do this work, I am developing “Tools to Search;” artistic instruments and methods to explore hidden possible and impossible worlds, remote realities inside or outside earth, within smallness or hovering in air. The outcome is a sometimes poetic and sometimes ironic approach to the unknown. My recent works take place in the framework of forestry stations. After spending the past summers at the SMEAR research station in Hyytiälä, in Finland, I have created works on tree migration and deforestation, as well as macro- and microclimates.

While at Headlands

At Headlands I would like to change the zone of comfort and climate and explore new perspectives and stories within a warmer climate zone, in which fauna and flora are already living at their limits in an extreme environment with the risk of drought and warming. I am excited about the high biodiversity of this area along with its microclimates. In particular, I aim to research an installation focusing on the fact that the trees and smaller plants are (very) slowly migrating to the north in order to escape climate change. But most of all I am looking forward to encounters I am hoping to have that I don’t know anything about at all…yet.