Headlands Center for the Arts

Project Space

Project Space presents site-specific exhibitions that are guided by information and experiences gathered while work is in progress at Headlands. Home to select Artists in Residence each season, as well as occasional group exhibitions by visiting artists and curators, Project Space is a place of exchange among working artists and visitors—a place where ideas are germinated, conversations are shared, and new work is made.

Visitors are invited in to witness and engage with the space throughout the various stages of making: as working studios undergoing transformation, and in their final state as complete exhibitions. Located on the top floor of Main Building 944, Project Space doors are open to the public whenever Headlands is; stop in to say hello Sunday–Thursday, 12–5PM.

This Summer in Project Space

Opening receptions: Sunday, August 14, 3–5PM

Like After LikeLife After Life
In progress:
June 19–August 11
On view: through August 26

Life After Life, the creative duo comprised of artists Paige K. Johnston and Karthik Pandian (AIR ’16), develops an exhibition that provides several eclectic windows into the many projects they have underway. Self-reflexively investigating the nature of their collaboration, Like After Like presents a perspective on creativity that is multivalent, and that straddles and dismisses the generic boundaries often used to categorize art. From a film on Rudyard Kipling, to an autobiographical video modeled after the aesthetics of perfume commercials, and oil paintings depicting skin tones alongside a self curated display of Bay Area produced ceramics, Like After Like confronts the myth of an “artistic life” by directly revealing the real, day-to-day steps required to produce work, all the while enacting other imaginary fields for visitors to engage in.

Golden Green or Greening GoldFritzia Irízar
In progress:
July 10–August 11
On view: through August 26

By focusing on the relationship between gold mining and bird populations, Mexico City-based artist Fritzia Irízar’s (AIR ’16) work throws into relief the long-term and disastrous effects of the global mining industry. By literally re-shaping and poisoning the environment, gold mining has devastated, killed, and enacted a forced migration of massive numbers of bird species. While Irízar works in Project Space, visitors are asked to interact with her installation by plucking it into oblivion, and can also leave an imitation bird call on a recording. In later iterations of Golden Green or Greening Gold, visitors may bring in gold items to have them painted green, weighed, and cross-referenced to an equivalency table of environmental degradation per gold gram.

Upcoming in Project Space

Chris Duncan: September 18–November 18
Alejandro Guzmán: September 18–November 18