Headlands Center for the Arts

Project Space

Housed in two large, light-filled studios in Building 944, Project Space functions as working studios and occasional exhibition space. Open and free to the public five days a week, you’re invited to come by and see what’s happening in there now.

Now in Project Space | Annual Winter Exhibition

March 17– April 24 | Alex Cecchetti (AIR ’14) | Interdisciplinary | France/Italy 

April 1–April 24 | Isak Immanuel (AIR ’14) | Performance/Dance| California 

Upcoming in Project Space

May 4 – June 8 | 2013-14 Graduate Fellows Exhibition | Curated by Xiaoyu Weng

More About Project Space

As a component of the Artists in Residence (AIR) Program, Project Space features artists whose work is designed to be socially engaging. Projects often require visitor participation to be fully realized, so we invite you to visit, inquire, and be a part of the process. The works conceived in these studios make creative use of the interiors, often pulling inspiration and source material from the surrounding Headlands wilderness, and highlighting the historic beauty of the spaces themselves.

When not used as a working studio, these spaces often feature curated exhibitions that are thematic or show new work by artists of interest.