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Project Space

Project Space presents site-specific exhibitions that are guided by information and experiences gathered while work is in progress at Headlands. Home to select Artists in Residence each season, as well as occasional group exhibitions by visiting artists and curators, Project Space is a place of exchange among working artists and visitors—a place where ideas are germinated, conversations are shared, and new work is made.

Now in Project Space

Martha Colburn (Netherlands) | Stéphanie Solinas (France)
March 17–May 2, Sunday–Thursday, 12–5PM

Join us for the Project Space Reception on Sunday, April 14!

Martha Colburn
Stop-motion animation master Martha Colburn refashions the Project Space into a lab for collaboration. In the first weeks of the installation, Colburn invites guests and visitors to contribute to an animated film exploring the infinite generation of form and figures. She will have a schedule of “virtual guests” in the space, including composer and violinist Laura Ortman (in person), composer Giovanni Paolo Liotta, video artist Colby Richardson, video synthesizer artists ESPTV, artist and filmmaker Pat O’Neill (in person), DJ Toby Paul, and others. These guests will contribute video elements and musical accompaniment, present films, and sometimes give live performances.

Stéphanie Solinas
Following the dual threads of science and spirituality, Stéphanie Solinas’s trilogy The Dazzled Blind delves into the materiality and intangibility of identity. Following the first two parts of the series based in Iceland and Italy, Becoming Oneself, the third installment, explores the western United States from Sedona to Silicon Valley, drawing parallels between the physical landscape and its abstract philosophical territory of ideas. Solinas uses photography as well as film, audio recordings, and spirit readings to delve into the belief systems that compose a current moment of “Coastal Californian Futurism.” Insightful with a dose of humor, her interactive installation invites guests to discover her intersecting research on New Age spiritualism, transhumanism, engineering, and computer science.

Next in Project Space

Summer 2019

Rodney Ewing (San Francisco) explores body and place, memory and fact to reexamine history. At Headlands he will be working on Notes on a History, installations and works on paper chronicling how the Black Body has evolved through physical, social, and psychological spaces in America.

A visual artist working in mixed-media and installation, Kori Newkirk (Los Angeles), will create a new artwork inspired by cast-off objects found near Headlands.

Previously in Project Space

Vishal K. Dar’s Edge of See: Twilight Engines
January 20–March 3, 2019

Part of an ambitious global project by artist Vishal K. Dar, Edge of See: Twilight Engines uses site-specific light sculptures viewed through an augmented reality app to push our senses of vision, scale, motion, and time. Dar brings his primary question—what is the edge of sight?—to the landscape of the Marin Headlands, using technology to overlay former artillery batteries with abstract light sculptures, or “engines,” that spin, turn, and tumble in response to the environment. In addition, in Project Space at Headlands, Dar has installed wooden architectural models of the batteries, also activated through the augmented reality app, as well as maps, sketches, and video work.

Get the free app here

Site-specific augmented reality light sculptures: on view through 2019
Beginning January 20, 2019
Viewable at Batteries Mendell, Wallace, and Smith-Guthrie in the Marin Headlands
Free and open to the public; visit the Golden Gate National Recreation Area website for park hours
Smart phone or tablet required to view sculptures. Learn more

This site-specific work was commissioned by Headlands Center for the Arts and was germinated when Dar was an Artist in Residence here in 2017. The first installation of Edge of See launched in November 2018 in Lulea, Sweden; upcoming installations are planned for Delft Island, Sri Lanka; Okinawa, Japan; and the Diomede Islands, situated in the Bering Strait between Russia and the United States. The app was created with Bay Area–based technology partner Okaynokay (Gabriel Dunne and Ryan Alexander).