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Project Space

Project Space presents site-specific exhibitions that are guided by information and experiences gathered while work is in progress at Headlands. Home to select Artists in Residence each season, as well as occasional group exhibitions by visiting artists and curators, Project Space is a place of exchange among working artists and visitors—a place where ideas are germinated, conversations are shared, and new work is made.

Now in Project Space

Rodney Ewing (California) | Kori Newkirk (California)
June 16–August 15, Sunday–Thursday, 12–5PM

Join us for the Project Space Reception on Sunday, July 28

Rodney Ewing
San Francisco-based artist Rodney Ewing delves into a host of references to explore the topic of race in his new body of work, The Devil Finds Work. Illuminating personal stories and memories, he draws on the Green-Book, the story of H. Box Brown (a slave who shipped himself to freedom), and recent accounts of state-supported violence against African Americans. Ewing’s installations and works on paper chronicle how the Black Body has had to evolve to move through physical, social, and psychological spaces in the United States, and the continued resilience and defiance required to survive.

Kori Newkirk
For Kori Newkirk, “the idea dictates the material.” Pony beads, hair pomade, bicycle tires, tin cans, his own sweat and saliva—the artist has used them all. Whimsical yet thought-provoking, his sculptures and two-dimensional visual works transform everyday materials to elucidate the human condition, delving especially into ideas of racialized identity and their connection to place. During his residency, he will investigate the environment in and around Headlands, incorporating locally found objects to create a new work.

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Fall 2019

Kelly Akashi (California) | Anna Fitch & Banker White (California)

Previously in Project Space

Martha Colburn (Netherlands) | Stéphanie Solinas (France)
March 17–May 2, 2019

Martha Colburn
Stop-motion animation master Martha Colburn refashions the Project Space into a lab for collaboration. In the first weeks of the installation, Colburn invites guests and visitors to contribute to an animated film exploring the infinite generation of form and figures. She will have a schedule of “virtual guests” in the space, including composer and violinist Laura Ortman (in person), composer Giovanni Paolo Liotta, video artist Colby Richardson, video synthesizer artists ESPTV, artist and filmmaker Pat O’Neill (in person), DJ Toby Paul, and others. These guests will contribute video elements and musical accompaniment, present films, and sometimes give live performances.

Stéphanie Solinas
Following the dual threads of science and spirituality, Stéphanie Solinas’s trilogy The Dazzled Blind delves into the materiality and intangibility of identity. Following the first two parts of the series based in Iceland and Italy, Becoming Oneself, the third installment, explores the western United States from Sedona to Silicon Valley, drawing parallels between the physical landscape and its abstract philosophical territory of ideas. Solinas uses photography as well as film, audio recordings, and spirit readings to delve into the belief systems that compose a current moment of “Coastal Californian Futurism.” Insightful with a dose of humor, her interactive installation invites guests to discover her intersecting research on New Age spiritualism, transhumanism, engineering, and computer science.