Headlands Center for the Arts

Slow by Design: Woodcraft

Weekend Workshop
January 24 – 26, 2014
Lodging available; meals included

Work alongside master woodworkers to learn both traditional and emerging woodcraft techniques while exploring current industry trends, including “from the forest up” production, repurposing, and the return of the artisan-driven market.

No prior experience with woodworking is necessary for participation. Participants must be ready to engage fully, posses a can-do attitude, and be of a collaborative spirit.

Activities include:

  • Hands-on session with  Yvonne Mouser of New Factory in Headlands’ woodshop
  • Sculptural whittling with artist and California College of the Arts Professor Donald Fortescue
  • Off-site studio visit and material scavenging with San Francisco-based craftsperson collective Anzfer Farms
  • Guided discussion on socially and environmentally sustainable marketplaces for artisan goods

Slow by Design Workshop Series

This Winter, Headlands invites you to explore the the concept of “slow” as a guiding principle to creative practice. Taking a cue from the thriving slow food movement, creative practitioners across disciplines are reinventing their practices with an infusion of “slow”—committing high levels of thoughtfulness and integrity to each step of creation—from sourcing and production to dissemination and consumption.

Through the lens of woodcraft, fashion, or food, each workshop provides discussion on the historical and local context of the movement, presentations by leading contemporary practitioners, and hands-on activities to build individual skills.

Want an early taste? Join us on December 10, 2013 for a slow-cooked Mess Hall meal followed by a public conversation that explores how the principles of “slow” are applied across fields of creative practice and throughout contemporary culture. Click here for tickets & details