Headlands Center for the Arts

Sarah Player Morrison

california | visual
Graduate Fellowship Program 2019—2020, Mills College

Artist Statement

Through photography and video, I perform as both subject and director of subversive acts. I am interested in the gestures, postures, and clothing that make up a legible identity and how these can be disrupted and refigured. I have poured acetone out of a coffee carafe, re-educated my phone with Pitbull lyrics, masqueraded as a magazine cover, and emerged from the San Francisco Bay in full office wear. I wonder what can be revealed by wearing the mask of another? What can be revealed when wearing a mask of your own image?

While at Headlands

My current practice includes performance, photography, and video. I think of my body and image as sculptural tools which allow me to inhabit, disrupt, and traverse historically loaded spaces. Gendered labor and the sites in which it is performed are recurring points of interest for me. I often use the natural landscape and my affinity for the water as starting points, but am simultaneously interested in the highly-constructed psychosocial landscape of the Bay Area. While at the Headlands, I plan to continue exploring contemporary gender roles, institutional power dynamics, and identity performance in everyday life.

Selected Works

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