Headlands Center for the Arts

Ploi Pirapokin

california | writing
Affiliate Program 2018—2019
Affiliate Program 2017—2018

Artist Statement

“Occupying too much space has always been an unforgivable sin,”
Umbrellas Unfolding in Hearts of Rain, Hon Lai Chu. December 2014.

My fiction and nonfiction primarily centers on my experience of being a third culture individual, and nonimmigrant in America. I’m drawn to borders, lines, and laws, as ways people use to curate themselves. When does the individual become the national? What is man-made and what is innate? What do you lose or gain inside boxes? My writing explores what it means to belong, commit, and attach to a culture, and what happens when those cultures estrange and interrogate one’s inherent ethnic upbringing.

While at Headlands

I plan on:

  • Completing my magical realist short story collection, “Fouis Vuittons.”
  • Researching and writing my memoir, “An Equation to tell your mother your boyfriend is Black.”
  • Drawing on the open, vulnerable Marin landscape for my work.

Selected Works

“The Greenest Gecko,” com, February 2017. Short Story.

“How to be Hi-So,” TAYO Literary Magazine, December 2016. Short Story.

“Friedrich’s Thumb,” Anthropoid Collective, November 2016. Short Story.

“David, the Cephalopod,” Quiet Lightning, May 2016. Short Story.

Selected Texts

“Fouis Vuittons,” The Bellingham Review, April 2016. Short Story. (127.90K)

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