Headlands Center for the Arts


washington | writing
Artist in Residence Program 2018

Artist Statement

I am a disabled writer living in the mists of the Northwest Coast. My poetry and fiction work toward the resuscitation of the mythic and attempt to make a contribution to the great legacy of hypnogogic literary animism. I learned about writing when my mother first handed me a crayon; ever since, I have loved to stare out at the sea.

While at Headlands

My time at Headlands will be used to pursue a handful of projects: a sequence of poems centered around the disability experience, particularly as regards paralysis and movement; a study of architectural ruins as overlaps the “ruined” disabled body; a series of short stories intended for (and using materials eavesdropped from) that audience most receptive to the magical legendary, children; the composition of land-based poems based on the Headlands environs and deepened and distorted by the delirious memories of childhood; and various extended poems and short stories. There is also a piece underway for a modern dance troupe and a script for a short film, both of which will be shot during my residency.

Selected Texts

Four poetry samples (47.81K)

Sandoval Street (33.64K)