Headlands Center for the Arts

Nicole Lavelle

california | social practice
Affiliate Program 2017—2018
Graduate Fellowship Program 2016, California College of the Arts

Artist Statement

I’m an artist and a graphic designer. My research-driven, project-based social practice yields experimental essays, visual narratives, and platforms for participation. I’m attracted to analog processes and vernacular media. I think the most perfect art projects don’t identify themselves as art, but as community publications, inclusive spaces, found language, weekly routine, landscape studies, or accidental memoir. I possess a poetic worldview.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands, I think I’m going to write about death and dying, try to operate in that tension-space between public and private experiences of impermanence. I hope to interview some poets and help some friends revive a slumbering small press. I would also like to remember how to screen print, use my mother’s table-top loom, and generally reconnect with materiality in my practice. I’ll continue to run PLACE TALKS, the lecture series I co-coordinate at the Prelinger Library. I’ll finish and release a book of my PAPER ROAD project with Publication Studio San Francisco.

Select Video

PLANT FAMILY VOL.5, Lyric essay digital video slideshow, 2016; eucalyptus, breast cancer, salt, water, Google Bus. 30 minutes.

Selected Works

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