Headlands Center for the Arts

Nichole Canuso

pennsylvania | performance/dance
Artist in Residence Program 2020

Artist Statement

I am a choreographer concerned with creating moments of connection across distances, as well as the intimacy and immediacy that can come from simple exchanges.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands I will be researching and developing Being/With, a performance and video installation that connects two strangers at a time, separated across geography, in an embodied experience. In Being/With participants become both audience and performer for each other via live-feed video and audio exchanges. The focus is on connecting audience members/visitors across distances of location, culture and identity in a playful and poetic exchange. The premiere will connect two separate neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and subsequent versions will span countries. This time at Headlands, to work alone for long stretches, will provide an essential balance to this otherwise highly collaborative project. In addition to my dance practice, I’ll spend time with my writing practice. The coastal setting is an ideal space for reflection and to contemplate the themes at the heart of this project: isolation and connection; communication across distance; absence and presence.

Selected Works


Nichole Canuso and Lars Jan, TAKES, 2010; performance with installation

Conceived and directed by Nichole Canuso and Lars Jan; performed by Nichole Canuso and Dito VanReigersberg; choreographed by Nichole Canuso; sound design and original composition by Michael Kiley; video software design by Pablo N. Molina; costume and props by Maiko Matsushima; production and stage management by Sarah Chandler

Nichole Canuso and Geoff Sobelle, Pandæmonium, 2016; documentation from performance at New York Live Arts

Performed by Nichole Canuso and Geoff Sobelle; music composition and live performance by Xander Duell; choreographed by Nichole Canuso; directed by Lars Jan; video and interactive software design by Pablo N. Molina and Jesse Garrison; lighting design by Mike Inwood; costume design by Olivera Gaijic; props design by Alicia Crosby; set design by Philipp Schaerer


Being/With, work in progress.
Conceived and Directed by Nichole Canuso in collaboration with Mikaal Sulaiman (Sound Designer/Composer), Pablo N. Molina and Jesse Garrison (Video and Interactive Software Designers), Christopher Ash (Scenic Designer), Maiko Matsushima (Costumes), Emily Schuman (Object design), and Jennifer Turnbull (Outreach Coordinator).

Selected Works

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