Headlands Center for the Arts

Nancy Sayavong

california | visual
Affiliate Program 2019—2020

Artist Statement

Nancy Sayavong’s work plays with familiar structures that form the foundation of architecture and city planning in both urban and domestic sites.

She works through understanding everyday markers and materials that occupy the surface. These things are carefully examined and presented to pinpoint layered intimations of built psychological spaces that inhabit cultural belief, ideologies of trauma, misinterpreted histories, and socioeconomic divisions.

With Sayavong’s experiences in moving through the world as a professional fabricator, a social shifter as a daughter of Laotian refugees, a queer body, a physically short body, her methods in art making characteristically engage languages of the working-class and the elite consumer with aspirations both opposing and similar. Craftsmanship in part is of great importance to her art practice, as it challenges to establish its relationship to socioeconomic value and labor in her concepts.

While at Headlands

I will continue to stretch my interests in architecture and created psychological spaces within my studio practice. I am open to challenging my work at the Headlands, as it is surrounded by nature and serenity as opposed to the bustling neighborhoods of San Francisco and other urban spaces where I’ve originally found inspiration. I’m here to exercise greater concern over the natural habitat and its visual hints of future disasters and non-sustainability found in clues within the landscape.

Selected Works

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