Headlands Center for the Arts

Kyle Austin Dunn

california | visual
Affiliate Program 2013—2012
Graduate Fellowship Program 2012

Artist Statement

The crux of my practice has been to continually work between two and three dimensions so that effects of one way of seeing are commingled with the other, and elements are coerced into inhabiting the same abstract field. Investigating the underlying character of isolated elements and circumstances has been an important part of the process, a byproduct of attempts to inspirit things inanimate or rigid. Pieces often act out, show off, and even misbehave, an important part of advancing their cause and surviving the environment that they occupy.

While at Headlands

The liveliness of buildings and stationary structures at the Headlands is a major draw and source of influence for my work. I have noticed that architectural elements of my studio in the basement of building 960 formed an interesting dialogue with my pursued work. There is a unique and cryptic history behind each wall here, and spending time working in different spaces with particular attention given to the unseen or barely noticed details of its complicated past is an interesting endeavor.

Selected Works

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