Headlands Center for the Arts

Jose Figueroa

california | visual
Affiliate Program 2017—2018
Graduate Fellowship Program 2016, University of California, Berkeley

Artist Statement

My work systematically chronicles different layers of my identity, with the goal of deconstructing basic epistemological categories that separate the aesthetic from the everyday, the sacred from the profane. I look at the repetitive gestures embedded in folklore, religion, and ideology through various means of expression from painting, ceramics, photography, video, and performance to interviews, collaborations, texts, relics, and ready-mades. I position myself as a shaman who seeks to unveil the masks of history. My goal is to create transformative healing experiences for my viewers, surroundings, and former selves.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I plan to continue developing a multi-scaled fictional theme park articulated through limbo. I see limbo as a place of waiting, where one must endure a violent stasis of never reaching or becoming. I’m materializing the nature of this space, and its set of inherent paradoxes, through the artificial methodologies of an experimental theme park.

Selected Works

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