Headlands Center for the Arts


illinois | film/video/new media
Artist in Residence Program 2018

Artist Statement

Under an inseparable influence of ethnic heritage and the mind of habitual tourist, I create poetic narratives with transcultural icons such as corn, ginseng, and cosmetics. Via alternative video imaging technologies such as video projection mapping, sublimation transfer techniques, and virtual reality, the image of wealth and longevity as well as the intimate spiritual relationship between consumerism and regionalism are meditated and mediated in a playful manner. I multiply, shift, bend, and distort found pieces to collage my own microcosm in the vastness of digital space. Exquisitely collaged patterns with catastrophic aftertaste feel inescapable. By creating visual extravaganzas, I attempt to inspire us to better understand our desire and the world we live in. I aim to explore the poetic possibilities of digital media.

While At Headlands

At Headlands, I will continue to investigate transcultural symbols and investigate new possibilities of video installation. I look forward to devoting sufficient time to solidify an overarching narrative for multiple ongoing projects. I want to keep experimenting and practicing with new skills and techniques, especially projection mapping and virtual reality. I hope to create a body of works that are ready to be exhibited.

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