Headlands Center for the Arts

Jeremy Mende

california | interdisciplinary
Artist in Residence Program 2012

In Project Space, June 18 – August 23

Jeremy Mende invites visitors to beta test new strategies for his forthcoming series of “public interventions” – works that interrogate our individual and collective sense of choice, awareness, and responsibility. A central piece – and a collaboration with fellow artist Bill Hsu  – will be an interactive installation that channels biorhythmic data to explore our perceptions of connectedness to natural systems.*This project is made possible in part by California College of the Arts and San Francisco State University.

View preview video of Mende and Hsu’s installation at Headlands: Demo for Headlands Installation

Project Space—casual engagements with art and artists five days a week.

Artist Statement

My work involves words and pictures extracted from, or placed within public space, as a method to expose contemporary crises of meaning. My interest is to interrogate the stories, myths, and alibis we use to justify our selves to ourselves. How do we construct personal meanings, and larger social identities given the dissonances that shape our experience; specifically self vs. society, reality vs. media, escape vs. engagement, and meaning vs. desolation?

While at Headlands

My work at the Headlands will be an opportunity to refine and test some of the strategies I am currently developing for public interventions planned for 2013. My working process, and ongoing results – involving different approaches to form, message, and media – will be on view for public interaction, comment, and dialogue.

Selected Works

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