Headlands Center for the Arts

Ina Archer

new york | interdisciplinary
Artist in Residence Program 2013

Artist Statement

My interdisciplinary art practice focuses on producing single channel and installation videos; and includes 2D/3D work, film writing and blogging, film and electronic media preservation and programming.

I use commercial and archival films as well as footage I create, as material and appropriation, montage and humor as strategies to negotiate the relationships of marginalized people to media representations. I try to draw parallels between contemporary practice and that of the past both thematically and self-reflexively with my use of digital media. My interest in montage extends into the arrangement of screens and objects within my film and video installations.

My collages combine my cinematic explorations with my jewelry training as paper ephemera are cut into flower and wallpaper motif.  In each media, social issues of race and representation are intersecting with more personal explorations about love, autobiography, urban and natural environments and my own role as media maker.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands I’ll be working on a series of videos and video installations using digital imaging, animation, appropriated footage and performance, with themes around grief/loss, change/preservation, domestic spaces and insulated communities (like military bases, expat communities and residencies. I want to relate a biographical narrative of growing up in a military family through the the visual tropes and aural cues from both popular and neglected film and TV genres like horror, westerns, comedies and variety shows.

I also want to recreate the film and tv programming that might have been assigned to and shown on American bases in the late 1960s and early 70s. The first movie I remember seeing was in an Army base theater near Albrook AFB in Panama.  It was the completely age-inappropriate “Carry On Cleo”. My mother was aghast. But for me it was the formative cinematic experience!

Selected Video

Il Giallo della Paine, excerpts (2011), click here to view video

Selected Works