Headlands Center for the Arts

Golbanou Moghaddas

california | visual
Affiliate Program 2018—2019

Artist Statement

Within my work I invite the viewer to follow an unorthodox narrative. The content is enriched by metaphors of philosophy, poetry, existential beliefs, and personal perceptions. I see the earthly unpleasantness and present it in a setting akin to a beautiful Persian Miniature. Rather than political views, I aim to emphasize the lyrical.

Through art I have found a tie to my existence. I see life as layers of transparent happenings. As we move on and see through them, some moments become naturally more significant. I embrace those moments and etch their story onto the plate. I like telling stories because I exist in them.

While at Headlands

Every now and then there exists a place that is instantly distinguished in the eyes of the beholder. Perhaps they are close to vast waters, or are sheltered by protective foggy skies. One is intoxicated by visions awakened by the scent of majestic Eucalyptus trees. The light is magical and playful, the silence deep and heavy with dreams. The land already bears some of the visitors’ memories yet to come.

I am a narrative visual artist that primarily works on paper. My ideas develop from drawings into more embedded forms by establishing an idea onto paper through printmaking. While at Headlands I would like to put more emphasis on my drawings, and to develop a narrative motivated by the uniqueness of the dwelling, specifically its quietness and closeness to the ocean.

I look forward to embracing the unexpected waiting to bloom in the poetry of Headlands

Selected Works

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