Headlands Center for the Arts

David de Rozas

California/Spain | film/video/new media
Artist in Residence Program 2020—2021

Artist Statement

My cinema merges hybrid forms of experimental documentary, confronting the politics of memory wherein memory reaffirms and informs action across the intermingled past-present-future. I’m interested in revisiting and relocating the past between the tensions of colonization and decolonization in order to find new grounds of possibility, meaning, and truth that react to the current political and social environment. My work expands over film and art curation, cultural production, and education, where conceptual and formal experimentation aligns with critical pedagogy.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands, I will focus on editing and sound design for The Blessings of the Mystery. This new body of work is an immersive cinematic journey across environmental memories of far West Texas. The film aims to present a new account of the region’s ongoing troubled histories of colonization, migration, and ecological precarity, by combining collaborative and experimental documentary, harrowing oral histories, reenactments, archival research, and 16mm found footage. This project is a collaboration with Carolina Caycedo.

Selected Works

Personal Website