Headlands Center for the Arts

Daniel Southard

california | visual
Graduate Fellowship Program 2019—2020, San Francisco State University

Artist Statement

Humanity has become untethered from notions that once seemed fixed and eternal. The very idea of a geological era encompassing millions of years and moving at an imperceptibly slow pace has melted away with the dawning of the Anthropocene. My artistic practice examines humanity’s evolving relationship to the land as well as meanings held within the land itself.

Art practice is inherently inclusive and borderless, which frees me to go beyond the constraints of academic research to make connections across disciplines that are often sealed off from one another.
Using a research-intensive approach, I utilize a broad array of resources to create individual pieces, installations, or experiences that interrogate and bring clarity to the often overwhelming issues which confront us, while at the same time raising new questions. My artistic practice has included photography, writing and publications, sound works, walking, performance, installation, screen printing, and video. 

While at Headlands

While at Headlands I will treasure the time and space to come to a new understanding of how to be a working artist newly fledged from an MFA program. A clear point of departure my is most recent work investigating the human and ecological toll of the highly altered fill-created urban landscape of San Francisco. Headlands and San Francisco face each other as alternate-universe versions of a nearly identical landscape, each reminding the other of possible pasts and futures. 

My nascent plans are informed by my current interests. These include group walking as an art form; orienteering and surveying; sound recording; repetitive rituals; the legacy of exclusivity of Marin County, Headlands, and the military-industrial complex; the California Indian genocide; environmental racism; and months-long exposure photography. I am fascinated to see how Headlands as a place, and the people I meet there, will push me to new ways of working.

Selected Video Work

The Walk Discourse Walkshop No. 11, 2018; video documentation, footage: Bronwyn Decker; sound: Daniel Southard, Walking is Weight, 2019.

Selected Works

Selected Texts

Daniel Southard, PAPER STREETS (excerpt), 2019 (32.00K)

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