Headlands Center for the Arts

Christopher Squier

california | visual
Affiliate Program 2018—2019
Affiliate Program 2017—2018

Artist Statement

My sculpture, photos, and videos restage visual elements from historical sites and ruins through digital animation, sourced imagery, and smoke-and-mirror techniques. Compositionally-isolated objects, whether positioned as formal sculpture or appropriated imagery, question assumptions of function vs. meaning and explore a form’s broader implications. Outside of my work as an artist, I am a writer and researcher in various capacities, including as an editor for a local arts magazine, Dissolve.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands, I will research vision, surveillance, and the fragmentation of digital form through the history and politics of optical devices. In particular, my research considers Napoleonic France, where the modern lighthouse lens was invented, as well as Modernist photographic techniques like those used by Berenice Abbott and others. How were optics caught up in grand narratives of Empire, Colonialism, and Country then, and how have surveillance strategies, satellite imaging, and military technology taken on these roles today?

Selected Works

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