Headlands Center for the Arts

Christina Seely

california | visual
Affiliate Program 2013—2014
Affiliate Program 2012—2013
Artist in Residence Program 2011

Artist Statement

My expedition based work finds its home in the conversation between the photographic image and the natural world. In a time when it is argued that no aspect of nature is unaffected by human impact, the tensions between a lifestyle that fosters a need to dominate and control nature while existing in an increasingly delicate balance with its resources and rhythms, comes into focus.

While at Headlands

Over the coming year I will be using my Affiliate studio to continue the production and refinement of multiple elements of my long-term project Markers of Time which has evolved into a multi-layered/multi-media project. Through a focus on known impacts of climate change in the extreme latitudes of the arctic and the tropics, the project sets up a dialogue around our complex relationship to time and a changing planet. After three years and ten expeditions to the arctic and tropics to gather materials, a range of photographic and video works designed for exhibition now make up an investigation into three modes of time; ‘the constants’- the sun, moon and stars; measured or man made versus natural time; and incongruities in natural markers of time due to the warming of the planet. Beyond the production of these pieces I will be working on the supplemental inclusion of; a set of field notes/text pieces, web-based and interactive components, as well the continuation of a range of related collaborations.

Selected Works

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