Headlands Center for the Arts

Brett Goodroad

california | visual
Tournesol Award Program 2012—2013

Artist Statement

What I’m doing is something that is normal for any painter. I start by recollecting paintings that have struck me over the years; I then study them within their time frame. I read and absorb as much of their place as I can, wishing to imbed myself. This fits a sort of internalization I have been interested in throughout my entire practice in painting. Things seem to come more naturally that way, marks and choices become the sensibility. Holding the sensibility as a tool becomes the process. The paintings and drawings become evidence of the investigation and the discoveries.

While at Headlands

I’m working on a parody/study of the Rococo era at the Headlands Center for the arts. The project involves works on paper, oil on canvas, oil on copper and gouache on silk. There are many reasons why I have chosen the Rococo era and many of them I am still juggling about. As this year moves on I’m sure this fog out here will find its way into my work. When I was at the Millay Colony, I found the horizons I was searching for in Frederic Church’s paintings and they effected compositions and mark making. When I was in a cabin in San Juan Canyon, the sun and the oaks found their way into my color and the solitude found its way in complexity. I am excited for this year and while I don’t know fully what this place will bring me, I know it will be full.

Selected Works

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