Headlands Center for the Arts

Angela Willetts

california | interdisciplinary
Affiliate Program 2017—2018
Graduate Fellowship Program 2016, University of California, Davis

Artist Statement

I begin with the impulse to touch. It is a simple desire for connection—with a forest, a body of water, a sheet of plastic, a lump of dough, my own child. Thinking through and with my body is vital to my work. I learn by tracing, holding, wrapping, cutting, eating, wrestling, mimicking, surrendering. Dialogues emerge as I agitate the boundary between self and other in a hungry attempt to bring what is outside in; to become. It is always a struggle, and I fail often. But the desire persists. Using open-ended, experience-based inquiry about objects and subjects I explore ideas of entanglement, interdependence, and agency through a variety of media, including drawing, performance, and video.

While At Headlands

I will continue to examine, through unrehearsed and unapologetic moments of materiality, the notion of entanglement. Some of my works will take me outward, to ruminate on the borders between self and place (including the environs of Headlands), while others will take me inward, to interrogate boundaries I have constructed within myself. Currently, I am interested in vulnerability as a tool for “muddling” divisions. This began as an investigation of the defunct military fortifications along the coast in the Bay Area (including Headlands’ own Fort Barry) that were built to protect against perceived threats.

Selected Works

Getting Into Nature, 2016; digital video, 08:43.

Painting By Proxy (Or Harnessing The Power Of Your Outer Child), 2017; digital video, 11:42.

Walking on Water, 2016; digital video, 02:57.

Reclining, Nude, 2015; digital video, 06:52.

Selected Works

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