Headlands Center for the Arts

Andreas Johansson

Sweden | visual
Artist in Residence Program 2019

Artist Statement

I’m interested in how we perceive space and how our self-image reflects the way we look at our surroundings. I explore this by making landscapes and objects from photo prints cut out with a scalpel.

While at Headlands

I have for many years been working with the Californian landscape and how the image of that landscape has spilled over to how I perceive my own environment in Sweden. Falling in love with skateboarding as a kid made me devour all images and videos from skateboard media and changed the way I look at the world. I will now visit some of the spaces that I have been working with and see the landscape in first hand.

I will also document the trip I’m making and reflect on the concept of traveling. Traveling has become more and more problematic due to climate change, so I will make my trip from Sweden to California without flying.

Selected Works

Personal Website