Headlands Center for the Arts

Andrea Chung

california | interdisciplinary
Artist in Residence Program 2012

Artist Statement

My work examines cultures created under the influence of colonial and post-colonial regimes and their relationship to The Land. I mine foodstuffs, recipes and archival in order to reconstruct and create a new series of narratives, which I juxtapose against the stories told by the colony to sell romantic notions about nature and labor. Through sculpture and painting, I explore migration patterns and how cultures have been created through the influence of multiple mother cultures and the conditions of The Land.

While at Headlands

During my residency at the Headlands, I will cast a small 3 ft boat, similar to the batos used by Mauritian fishermen in their villages, out of sugar. The bato will be displayed as part of a larger installation that will include large charcoal drawings of local fishermen and women, as well as residents of the fishing village of Le Morne. I will also create replicas of items, cast in sugar, that Mauritian fishermen and women reclaim and reuse as fishing tackle.

Selected Works

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