Headlands Center for the Arts

Alex Arzt

california | interdisciplinary
Affiliate Program 2019—2020
Affiliate Program 2018—2019

Artist Statement

Largely my work is about the relationship between humans and nature and how that understanding changes over time in the face of environmental degradation. To explore this topic, I use collaboration, publishing, photography, video, and installation. My recent work explores this topic by compiling historical narratives of human-nature relationships, specifically from the 1970s back-to-the-land movement, and by engaging with the more-than-human-world through video and sensorial installations. I operate a Risograph press called A Magic Mountain out of my studio.

While at Headlands

This year, I anticipate working on developing my publishing practice using the Risograph machine in my studio space. In addition to printing my own book projects about the back-to-the-land movement, I’ll also print the next issues of a collaborative publication called Whiz World and other artist’s projects. I’ll develop performative and participatory programming around each publication. I plan on spending my time here learning the unique ecosystem of the Marin Headlands and creating place-based projects based on that environmental research.

Selected Works

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