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Helen Shewolfe Tseng | california

Artist Statement I am an interdisciplinary artist and designer living and working in an expanding universe. I use design as a collaborative gateway into my varied curiosities and fields of interest, and as a tool for communication, investigation, and critique. With my work, I seek to broaden, deepen, shift, and evolve existing modes of understanding. […]

Bieke Depoorter | Belgium | visual

While at Headlands While at Headlands, I would like to continue my attempt to understand the life and disappearance of Michael, a man I met in Portland, Oregon in May 2015. In our first short interactions, Michael gave me two suitcases full of writings, handmade scrapbooks, and more, and then sent me a third suitcase […]

Cate Nelson | california | visual

Artist Statement I am interested in imagining alternate realities wherein the psychological implications of our relationships to place, objects, and each other collide in unsettling ways. I grew up in an old house, filled with untouchable things. When the TV antenna blew up, it was never replaced, so I spent my childhood inventing imaginary friends […]

Natani Notah | california | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement My current art practice explores contemporary Native American identity through the lens of Diné (Navajo) womanhood. Inspired by acts of decolonization, environmental justice, Indigenous feminism, and futurism, my work dares to imagine a world where Native sensibilities are magnified. By way of fragmented abstraction, bodily scale, and the marrying of natural and synthetic […]

Amy Nathan | california | visual

Artist Statement My painted, faceted sculptures begin with the act of applying pressure to images and language, cracking open their systems, making them tactile, and distending them into an expanded space. Made of adaptable modular forms, my sculptures employ tautness and slack, flexibility and rigidity, counterweight, draping and propping up—simple machines with palpable physical properties. […]

Jenna Meacham | california | visual

Artist Statement My work investigates loneliness, intimacy, and cultural ideas around couple-ness. It rarely takes the same form twice, sometimes using photography, sculpture, or installation. Each work comments on the human condition in a different and unique way. I hope to connect to my viewer through their own personal relationships and help them to gain […]

Nicki Green | california | visual

Artist Statement The work I make is an exploration of the Othered. I often replace the queer, trans, Jewish body with mushrooms and references to mycology as a way to point back towards the 1938 Nazi propaganda children’s book Der Gifpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom.) Here, I am considering an Otherness that is inherently linked to […]

Troy Chew | california | visual

Artist Statement My work explores the African Diaspora within the urban culture. I’m interested in comparing and contrasting past African culture and traditions to Black culture through the depiction of black bodies and objects through oil paintings, drawings, and sculptures. I’m interested in dealing with language translation/mistranslation, black/urban life, and ideas of “high art” and […]

Kai Chen | california | visual

Artist Statement “Instead of making cathedrals out of Christ, man, or ‘life,’ we are making it out of ourselves, out of our own feelings.” (The Sublime Is Now, Barnett Newman) Through my art project, queer Sublime, I am unfolding the collective trauma and terror that exists underneath the queer body, confronting the homophobic repression and violence […]

Tavarus Blackmonster | california | visual

Artist Statement Dripping drops of paint splash and explode like an ecstasy of disengorgement. But in my studio, much like in my home, adult entertainment has no place: my work is full of PLAY. I capitalize for emphasis much like a convicted, foul word. But that’s just because as an artist I have no age […]

Chasen Wolcott | california | visual

Artist Statement I am a California native and a visual artist who works in drawing and painting. Driven by the inescapable qualities of the natural world, my work investigates the autobiographical translation of subject matter into a process of discovery through painted color and line. This collection also incorporates various artworks into my own mixed […]

Golbanou Moghaddas | california | visual

Artist Statement Over the past three years I’ve been developing a body of miniature etchings often presented in an installation format with murals specifically created for each piece. The compositions and imagery are inspired by 16th and 17th century manuscripts of Iran. Hoopoe, a significant bird from Attar’s book, The Conference of The Birds, is […]

Michelle Murillo | california | visual

Artist Statement In my creative practice, I work across traditional and innovative forms and seek to expand the vocabulary of print media and the multiple in an interdisciplinary context. My work can be broadly understood as archiving: the lost, found, remembered, and collected. My recent work is created from photographs of observations of the San […]

Anita Gail Jones | california | writing

Artist Statement: I enjoy using the process of writing fiction to reach clarity through emotion. I’m drawn to characterization: asking questions, seeking resolutions through fictional folk pieced together like a mosaic. Using imagination as well as facets of my own experience, family, friends, and those of my past and present settings, I begin with character […]

Alex Arzt | california | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement I use collaboration, publishing, place-based objects, video, and performance to investigate the relationship between humans and nature and how that understanding changes over time. My recent work engages with the more-than-human and anthropogenic world through research, video, and public talks. My publishing practice involves creating books and collaborative publications and activating them through […]

Ja’Tovia Gary | new york | film/video/new media

Artist Statement Through film and video work, I aim to posit a future in which Blackness, the feminine, and non-traditional ontologies are centralized. The future I seek to create contests representative and narrative norms and perceptions, and explores the haunted spaces of life and relationships. My videos and films are political, psychoanalytic, and personalized moments of liberation […]

J. Soto | new york | arts professional

Artist Statement I am an arts organizer and an artist working professionally at the intersection of the two. My work comes from a place of generosity, and organizing allows me to share with others in community and to make in a variety of media, including performance and text. I am invested in the intersectional histories […]

Rebecca Swan | New Zealand | visual

Artist Statement I am an interdisciplinary artist working primarily with photography, video, and sculpture, living in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Making work is a way of understanding my life, including experiences with cancer, sexual orientation, gender diversity, and spirituality. My current process is to become still enough to notice an impulse when it arises and to […]

Terese Svoboda | new york | writing

    Artist Statement The author of six novels, seven books of poetry, a memoir, a book of Nuer translations, and a biography, I won a Guggenheim in fiction but my most recent book is Professor Harriman’s Steam Air-Ship, a steampunk look at the future of sex and family. I’ve also received the Iowa Prize […]

Doris Sung | california | architecture/environment

Artist Statement In cities worldwide, particulate air pollution is on the rise due to growing urban populations, transportation, and industrialization. Not only does air pollution aggravate climate change, it contributes to an accelerated increase in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Buildings are primarily concerned with interior comfort and air quality for their own occupants. With great […]

Miriam Simun | massachusetts | visual

Artist Statement My work centers on posing questions to dominant notions of “progress.” What constitutes progress? Who decides? And what form does its evolution take? My work investigates the implications of social, technological, and environmental change. Among my chief concerns are interspecies relationships; attending to sensorial, embodied forms of knowledge; and exploring the messy complexities and […]

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal | california | writing

Artist Statement Somewhere back in Russia a traveler gets on a train and sits down next to an old Jewish man. Before long, the man starts muttering, “Oy, I am thirsty.” The traveler ignores him for a while, but the old man persists: “Oy, am I thirsty. Oy, am I thirsty.” Finally, the traveler walks to the […]

Jeff Parker | california | music/sound

Artist Statement I am a multi-instrumentalist and composer. I explore a wide variety of musical mediums, the goal being to break through to something non-categorical and personal. I employ ideas informed by innovations and trends in both popular and experimental forms. For the past several years, I’ve been actively exploring the contrary relationships between tradition […]

Yaloo | illinois | film/video/new media

Artist Statement Under an inseparable influence of ethnic heritage and the mind of habitual tourist, I create poetic narratives with transcultural icons such as corn, ginseng, and cosmetics. Via alternative video imaging technologies such as video projection mapping, sublimation transfer techniques, and virtual reality, the image of wealth and longevity as well as the intimate […]

Katharine Kuharic | new york | visual

Artist Statement Katharine Kuharic is a painter primarily known for her allegorical paintings consisting of thousands of details, multiple figures and complex technique. Sexual desire, social and political mores preoccupied her work in the 1990s.The paintings were populated by death heads, flayed flesh, tableaux, and timelines of her sexual partners. In the following decade, gun […]

Masha Hamilton | new york | writing

Artist Statement After five published novels, a journalism career, and the founding of two international literacy projects, I took a break from writing to serve as Director of Communications and Public Diplomacy at the US Embassy in Kabul and then as VP of Communications for an international NGO serving the poorest of the poor. I […]

Fiamma Montezemolo | california | visual

Artist Statement I work at the intersection between contemporary art and contemporary anthropology. My double training (PhD in anthropology and MFA in art) stimulates me to create site-specific, inter-disciplinary, and cross-genre interventions that build on my long-term exposure to borderlands and border zones. In the last years, I have been designing a set of intermedia […]

Bik Van der Pol | The Netherlands | social practice

Artist Statement Since 1995, Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol work as Bik Van der Pol. Through their practice Bik Van der Pol aims to articulate and understand how art can produce a public sphere and space for speculation and imagination. Their work follows from research of how to activate situations to create a […]

Shimon Attie | new york | social practice

Artist Statement My practice spans video and video-installation, photography, site-specific media installations, performance, social practice, and public projects. In my work, I seek to explore how contemporary media may be used to reimagine new relationships between space, time, place, and identity. I’m interested in how contemporary art can inflect and reinterpret social and political history, […]

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto | california | performance/choreography/dance

Artist Statement My work uses drag, movement, and storytelling to unpack issues of identity, state violence, and collective memory. I draw from my personal background, public archives, and the contemporary in order to envision a different future. Queer Muslim Futurism is a large part of my practice—the belief that while queer Muslims struggle to claim […]

Kelani Abass | Nigeria | visual

Artist Statement I am intrigued by the questions of how past and present coalesce, how an archive contributes to the practice of memory and historical recall. I attempt to make a statement about the future that allows the interdependence of different moments, exploring the possibilities inherent in painting, photography, and printing, using archival materials to […]

Anna Martine Whitehead | illinois | performance/choreography/dance

Artist Statement I write, perform, and make things that address a Black queer relationship to time. My research ranges from quarks to Le Corbusier, cakewalks to Quaking aspen, diamond mines to Mike Brown. These points of interest are couched within ongoing fields of concern: Black and queer performativity, absence and exhaustion, and the way time […]

Lance Twitchell | alaska | writing

Artist Statement When I think back on the history of the place where I live, teach, create, raise my family, hunt, fish, and sleep, I see Tlingit and Haida people who put magnificence into everything they ever made. There is no separation of art and life. Everything is created with the idea of reaching into […]

Dean Spade | washington | writing

Artist Statement I am a writer, video maker, and social justice activist who has been deeply involved in movements for racial, economic, and gender justice for the past 20 years. In 2002, after years of working in various contexts on issues related to policing, public benefits, gender, and sexuality, I founded the Sylvia Rivera Law […]

Elaine Romero | arizona | writing

Artist Statement I do not know when I became a political playwright. I suspect I always was. None of my characters escape the moment history has selected for them. I had written short plays about war, Revolutions/Revoluciones (NYC, LA, Panama City), a short version of A Work of Art (Chicago), and a short version of […]

Kambui Olujimi | new york | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement I look to complicate and reconsider established modes of thinking that have morphed into what commonly function as “inevitabilities.” This pursuit takes shape through interdisciplinary bodies of work that investigate these phenomena from multiple angles of inquiry. My work manifests collective psychic space as a means of investigating social practices, policies, and exchanges. […]

Guro Moe | Norway | music/sound

Artist Statement I seek to create a physical sound through bass and voice, primitive and direct, to search for a sound that is not possible. My instrumental approach has elements of friction and noise, and it draws inspiration from concrete music, noise, and performance. I have always been drawn toward the in-between, when something is […]

Dina Maccabee | New York | music/sound

Artist Statement My music is defined less by a particular genre than by its ability to zero in on a mood and explore a musical logic around that feeling, text, or idea. I allow melody and often narrative to be arrived at intuitively, offering traces of the many kinds of musical language I have listened […]

Gala Porras-Kim | california | visual

Artist Statement My work questions how knowledge is acquired and tests the potential of the art object to function as an epistemological tool outside of its traditional, art historical context. Recent projects examine the ultimate and literal signifier of culture: language, particularly its sounds. I aim to question the social and political contexts that influence […]

Jennie Liu | california | performance/choreography/dance

Artist Statement I make performances that are bodily and conceptual, choreographic and theatrical. Each piece I make is defined by a different compositional logic, with manifold structures and subjects at work simultaneously. Embodied research is at the heart of my practice. I am concerned with the body’s cognitive capacity, the felt and sensorial, bodies in […]

Nikyatu Jusu | new york | writing

Artist Statement Black women are always central to my storytelling. The films I have created aspire to straddle the line of social resonance coupled with “butts in seats” storytelling. Race, nationality, sexuality, and mental health are all central themes within my oeuvre. I’m intrigued by the myriad ways that we unconsciously allow our shadow selves […]

James Ijames | pennsylvania | writing

Artist Statement My plays all deal with inheritance. I’m curious about both the things we each inherit and the things we are collectively leaving behind for our children and grandchildren. Plays can’t just be about that. So I’m also interested in the collateral damage. What happens when my inheritance collides with yours. A LOT! So […]

Chris Fraser | california | visual

Artist Statement I construct environments modeled on historical image-making technologies, from the camera obscura to the magic lantern. Through these simple apparatuses, I put objects and their images in dialogue with each other, sacrificing broad distribution for an experience of image that is local and ephemeral. I amplify overlooked qualities of the ambient environment, creating […]

Flatform | Italy | film/video/new media

Artist Statement Our work is mainly centered on landscape. For us, landscape serves as an emblematic model for overcoming the limits of reason that the principle of non-contradiction has subjected us to. Our vision of landscape does not contemplate contradiction, but rather conflict, tension, and collisions. Our itinerary confronts and reconfigures, through differing processes, the […]

Dru Donovan | oregon | visual

Artist Statement Much of my work explores connections between corporal and emotional states utilizing strategies of constructing or revisiting experiences. The viewer’s inability to parse or place gesture is common in my photography and video. Often the work gives no sound, no history or purpose, and no entry or exit; the underlying subject leaves us […]

Sofía Córdova | california | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement I am an interdisciplinary artist from Carolina, Puerto Rico, with a focus on performance, music, video, and installation. The specific interests of my practice and how they manifest in the work vary greatly—in the past I’ve materially and conceptually employed pop music, science fiction, taxidermy, and prepper culture. My core interests are the […]

Hannah Collins | United Kingdom | visual

Artist Statement My work uses photography, drawing, written words, film, and sometimes constructions to describe experiences relating to our contemporary everyday reality. I often work on an environmental scale to surround and immerse the viewer in order to shed light on contemporary situations. By submerging myself in experience, I gather material, later combining and choreographing […]

Chinonye Chukwu | ohio | film/video/new media

Artist Statement The spine of all my work is the emotional journey of the protagonists. I’m drawn to writing stories from perspectives that are rarely explored. Although I’m primarily interested in telling stories that challenge patriarchal paradigms of black womanhood, I strive to root each of my protagonist’s journeys in a nuanced humanity that people […]

Imani Jacqueline Brown | louisiana | social practice

Artist Statement I am a native of New Orleans, a sometimes-artist, a born-and-bred activist, and a waking researcher. I truly believe that art can drive policy, but after three years of working with blighted, indebted land, I feel that I, too, have become blighted. Not just because I have come to understand that like this […]

Benjamin Britton | georgia | visual

Artist Statement My work often appears at first to function like a dense and colorful abstract painting, but contains representations of nameable things and places. I work with color and space to reflect the mechanisms of sensation in the body, to inspire a feeling of motion, and to continually reward the investigation of pictorial space. […]

Elin Bengtsson | Sweden | visual

Artist Statement In my work I examine the uncomfortable state of having a body and a face, and the gaze of the other. I have a strong need to create what I don’t see around me—to find the strengthening parts of ugliness and weakness. The paintings mirror a thin-skinned mental state that sometimes becomes physical. […]

Anicka Yi | new york | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement My practice explores the way in which language, media, the economy, and biological systems mediate technologies of the self and ways in which art making can be pushed towards an expanded notion of the sensorial. I am interested in connections between materials and materialism, states of perishability and their relationship to meaning and […]

Frances Whitehead | illinois | social practice

Artist Statement Understanding the cultural imperative for artists to operate in a larger society and to contribute towards a sustainable future, I have come to think that artists might focus on strategies to re-imagine knowledge. The question, “What Do Artists Know?” is the basis for this integrated creative platform, exploring and demonstrating how the expertise […]

Lucia Tallová | Slovakia | visual

Artist Statement My theme is the archive. I work with the classic medium of painting—utilizing monochrome color and precise painting technique—combining it with spatial installations, objects, collages, photographs, creating both a thoughtful and a material connection between the elaborated themes and techniques. Increasingly, my work moves into space, and when the painting remains ubiquitous and […]

Caitlin Saylor Stephens | new york | writing

Artist Statement I consider my work to be stylized expressions of feminine despair. All my plays are an attempt to resolve the painful conflicts of female characters who seek integrity in a swipe-left culture. I write plays about bad women. Women who are lonely, alienated, objectified, and loveless. Women who are driven by extraordinary passion. […]

Forster Rudolph | california | architecture/environment

Artist Statement My work and exploration exists along the dividing line between visual art and architectural design. Does an art object become sullied if it provides a basic function? Does the architectural environment fail if it doesn’t shelter? I intentionally explore this borderland between disciplines, believing the edges, overlaps, and contradictions to be especially fertile […]

ocean | washington | writing

Artist Statement I am a disabled writer living in the mists of the Northwest Coast. My poetry and fiction work toward the resuscitation of the mythic and attempt to make a contribution to the great legacy of hypnogogic literary animism. I learned about writing when my mother first handed me a crayon; ever since, I have […]

Thao Nguyen | california | music/sound

Artist Statement I am a songwriter, recording artist, and touring musician. My primary instruments are guitar, banjo, and mandolin, but I am an avid practitioner of fake-it-til-you-make-it with any instrument around. As a city dweller, it will be a remarkable gift to have all my instruments set up in a sound-proof space, ready to play. […]

Lavar Munroe | maryland | visual

Artist Statement My work functions both as homage and posthumous collaboration between me and my late father. I am interested in the idea of fostering a collaboration, without my father knowingly doing so. The inception of this work came about due to prior plans to collaborate with him two years before his death. Our intentions […]

Jillian Mayer | florida | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement I am an artist and filmmaker living and working in South Florida. My work explores how technology affects our identities, lives, and experiences. Through videos, online experiences, photography, telephone numbers, performance, sculpture, painting, and installation, my projects investigate the tension between physical and digital iterations of identity and existence. My sculptures and video […]

Aron Kantor | california | film/video/new media

Artist Statement My film and video practice uses cinematic language as a primary tool in investigations of gender identity, queer sexuality, and self-awareness through a lens of absurdity, metaphor, humor, and popular culture. Experimenting with shifting genres and contexts, my work thematically and aesthetically explores the intersection of opposites such as masculinity and femininity, high-brow […]

Sandra Jackson-Opoku | illinois | writing

Artist Statement Writer and folklorist Zora Neale Hurston famously said, “if you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” I see this warning as a call for testimony. To testify is to bear witness. There’s a particular urgency to black testimony, exemplified by utterances like “I just wanna testify,” and “If you don’t know, you […]

Simone Forti | california | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement I like it when my work has lots of parts, like a day of experiences with different energies, lyrical, abrasive, adding up to something complex but without closing in on any particular meaning. I placed the parts of my 2015 show at The Box LA Gallery so that together they would be experienced […]

Jamie Brisick | california | writing

Artist Statement I grew up in Southern California. Surfing, skateboarding, and punk rock played big in my teens. My interest in writing began with song lyrics and evolved into literary fiction. I traveled constantly in my late teens/early twenties. On long flights, stuck at airports for hours at a time, jetlagged in hotel rooms in […]

Lucas Foglia | california | visual

Artist Statement My work focuses on the relationship between humans and nature, and the role played in it by technology. My first book, A Natural Order, focused on people who had left cities and suburbs to live off the grid in Appalachia. My second book, Frontcountry, focused on the interactions of the mining and cattle […]

Paul Flores | california | performance/choreography/dance

Artist Statement My stage work dramatizes gritty urban realism, crime, state violence, community violence, and the social and structural dynamics that cause interpersonal violence, including political and racial oppression. My characters live in a world where trauma is normalized and resilience is adaptation by any means; justice is rarely achieved through legal action because time […]

Llewelynn Fletcher | ohio | visual

Artist Statement I build my work using visceral materials to communicate in body-based terms like weight, texture, temperature, scent, and sound reflection. Crafted using materials such as industrial felt, wood, clay, lead, steel, and wool, each sculpture offers a direct, physical encounter. My interspecies artworks investigate human-animal kinship and the body’s central role in that […]

Mary O’Brien | california | architecture/environment

Artist Statement I write essays about public domain lands that take place over several years, and where the events documented, and the places they occur, become indistinguishable from each other. Rooted in the research that I develop as an environmental artist, my writings offer inquiries into present day relationships between community, land, and water and […]

Lucas DeGiulio | california | visual

Artist Statement Eye, Liner: Waiting in lines Line Dancing Lining up In my Line of work Bloodline cutting the Line along those Lines crossing the Line to a chorus Line drawing a Line in the sand a fine line going online sorry the Line is busy busy learning my Lines (to the) end of the […]

Stacey Goodman | california | arts professional

Artist Statement Oscillating between the purely abstract and the figurative, my work seeks to unsettle and quietly disrupt, allowing me to get lost in subjects that fascinate me—from astrological imagery to Depression Era photography. Video projection, drawing, sculpture, and performance come into play, and at times there is a conversation between the works, at other […]

Ploi Pirapokin | california | writing

Artist Statement “Occupying too much space has always been an unforgivable sin,” – Umbrellas Unfolding in Hearts of Rain, Hon Lai Chu. December 2014. My fiction and nonfiction primarily centers on my experience of being a third culture individual, and nonimmigrant in America. I’m drawn to borders, lines, and laws as ways people use to […]

Christopher Squier | california | visual

Artist Statement Through sculpture, my work examines the history of optical devices to investigate the role of light in contemporary visual culture. Looking to Napoleonic France, where the modern lighthouse lens was invented, as well as various moments in the history of scientific photography, my projects play with luminescence and transparency to position vision, optics, […]

Takming Chuang | california | visual

Artist Statement Contained within a plastic skin, my clay sculptures emulate the body as they physically age over time. Their supple forms slowly wrinkle, blister, shrink, discolor, and eventually harden. They serve as models to critically consider the correlation between change and value, of bodies as well as art objects. I am especially interested in […]

Paul La Farge | new york | writing

Artist Statement I’m a fiction writer, and sometimes an essayist. I’m interested in cities, and the way the shape of a city might change the people who live there; I’m also interested in the shape of stories, and the way a particular form might shape the experience of the person who reads it. I’m curious […]

Emily Wolahan | california | writing

Artist Statement I’m a poet interested in how expectations are challenged and reversed in art, history, and our personal lives. I seek forms that push back against lyric and narrative expectations perceived and imagined, generous and overbearing. Most of my writing involves a rigorous practice of looking. An exploration of the ethics of looking has […]

Will Rogan | california | visual

Artist Statement Being in a position of learning while making is the goal. I have always been a fan of the moment of creation. Putting finished work into the world is not as interesting to me as the shifting object, coming into its own, through one’s attention. This is the moment I live for. SOME […]

Minoosh Zomorodinia | california | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement An underlying theme in my work is the investigation of the concept of “Self”’ particularly how the “self” relates to the environment. My works are deeply informed by my cultural background, religion, and politics. Borrowing from rituals and nature, sometimes infusing humor, I integrate contradictory concepts in pieces that visualize “Self” struggles. I use […]

Daniel Melo Morales | california | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement Most recently, my practice has involved exploring the materials, sounds, and tonality present within Headlands Center for the Arts’ space and buildings. In response to these elements, I engage both dissonance and a willingness in each; a transformative potential. I’ve been making photographs, sound recordings, and site-responsive arrangements driven by my fluid and […]

Kate Folk | california | writing

Artist Statement My work often involves power dynamics in relationships, body horror, and characters who make choices that run counter to their best interests. Some of my recently published short stories have been about: a sculptor who’s trapped in a revolving Space Needle-esque restaurant when a coup breaks out in the city below; a ward for a rare disease that causes […]

Marshall Elliott | california | visual

Artist Statement My practice has increasingly turned toward topics of extinction, absence, and what remains after displacement. Widening local political issues to include stories from the natural world, I think through issues of local disappearance to create works that provide an opportunity to mirror our situation, what can be gained, and how to look forward […]

Kunlin He | california | visual

Artist Statement My art explores the ways of applying the methodology of Chinese studies and Sinophone studies to the flourishing studies of contemporary visual culture and presents it in multimedia language combining performance, essay film, painting, and installation. In the process, I attempt to explore the Asian geographical features of China and the various contemporary […]

José Figueroa | california | visual

Artist Statement I draw imagining an aerial and extracorporeal perspective that generates a vigilant record of my everyday environments. My drawing practice is constantly evolving and incorporates the use of text as a formal resource while following premises of ethnographic methodologies. The resulting images are panoramic long-shutter exposures developed on site and in public. The […]

Tanja Geis | california | visual

Artist Statement Drawing on the materials and metaphors of the shoreline and ocean, I make large paintings, sculptural installations, and video that explore the generative potential of liminal spaces, disrupted perspectives, and mongrel forms. Influenced by post-humanism, eco-psychology, phenomenology, and my work in coastal and marine management, my practice aspires to a radical acceptance that […]